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Chibi Theater- Kawarimi

August 18th, 2006, 8:22 pm

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blackoracle86, August 18th, 2006, 11:08 pm

shikity shikity shwa! This comic is when I started stealing my shine effects from VG Cats (http://www.vgcats.com/comics/? for those who don't already know the awesomness). Ummm...not much to say. I am getting all of my stuff together for college. I have a feeling I will only be able to update once a week. Twill be sad. It is hard enough to make two comics a week anyway. But that is probably because I suck at time management. As I get more fans I will be more motivated. No offense to the fans I already do have^^. I just need more of you. So GO! Spread the word! And if you ever have comic ideas, email them to me. I love to be able to make comics and not have to be the one held accountable if it isn't funny. It is the perfect plan.

Anyway. It is time for me to go do some miscellaneous stuff that has no further specification... ...yeah...

"As the number of women increase, a wise man steps even lighter"

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blackoracle86, August 18th, 2006, 11:09 pm

yeah they do And there are plenty more to come.

doublegemini, August 24th, 2006, 1:54 pm

umm.... Wow...that seems far too...
Why do guys think of these things?
Seriously, how do you come up with things of that nature?
Do not missuse ninjitsu!...

PocketHunter, February 14th, 2008, 12:39 am

it's not just guys who think of these things... yeah. i would probably do the same shit!

tectonicPlague, June 7th, 2008, 6:38 pm

OMG! I know VG CATS!!!
XD Its the shit!!

Wolfmoon, March 19th, 2009, 5:28 pm

I need to learn to do that... I got my nose broken last week.

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